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You Become What You think about

Hello Friends Even though we are all connected by the same source.  yep you heard that right!  We Are Connected!  and with that said just think for a moment.  We all work with One Power, One Law, One Creator Of Worlds.  I may be writing a bit fast right now lol,  but i am getting as much as i can with thought instead of writing it on peace of paper…  so with that said please bare with my typing lol.

I just wanted to say that many of the things that go on in our lives,  WE HAVE ATTRACTED.  and we attract it by virtue of our Thoughts.  Yes it is the way we think.  Its our past thoughts and feelings which have created our current Reality.  If you dont believe me then do the research and take a look at your life.  Are you happy, sad, mad, glad, suffering, going through things that seem the same thing that happened last time, and it brings the same feeling again.  Well i just wanted to say that yes we create our reality.  We all were conditioned one way or the other and it all started from the inside of your mom, when we were born, as we were growing .  Our habits, beliefs, were all impressed upon our subconcious mind easily without us reasoning and rejecting the idea.  Our friends beliefs, moms beliefs, dad, grandma, neighbors, family , tv, school, etc..  and we grew up with it and it became us.

Now we have the power to change it by reprogramming our beliefs that are impressed in the subconcious.  (i will get into more detail about this if you dont understand).  You have certain beliefs about money, life, business, school, family, friends, success, church, god, kids, friends, clothes, cars…  and most are repelling your success from happening.  You may not know these beliefs but you need to start writing down on one sheet of paper the negative beliefs about money or the belief you have in general about money that was taught and you grew up with when you think about money.  just make a list of all that negative stuff and on another sheet you change those beliefs into positive unlimited beliefs that you truly want and see it in your mind as if it has happened.  this will play with your mind for a bit.  It is through repetition that your mind becomes reprogrammed with the new you and you start to attract people, things, circumstances and events because of the way you think and feel.  I am just like you Still learning.  One great teacher on this great power and law and will help you change your habits, life in general is  Bob Proctor.  Scan this code and see.  Also One way to start your journey would be to go on youtube and watch you were born rich with more the 9 hours of Personal development.  The seminar is over 15 years old but it can still change your life and it was before the secret.



Traffic is King, but this comes FIRST

Visitors to your site are critical – getting them there automatically is even better. Here’s how…

But, first…

Before you begin trying to get traffic to your site, you need to do your keyword research first. This is because you will building your traffic funnels around specific keywords. This means it’s critical to select your keywords properly.

While doing your keyword research, keep the following in mind:

  • How competitive are the keywords you’re going after? You’ll have to analyze the competition and see what’s out there for this.
  • Will the keywords you’re targeting bring buyers? If you don’t do your research you’ll end up with a lot of traffic that doesn’t buy from you. You want to generate visitors ready to buy.
  • What about affiliates? If you want to build a huge business, you’re going to need affiliates to help you. This means that some of your traffic focus should be on getting affiliates to your site.

Of course, this all takes time if you plan to do it yourself. And hiring an expert is very expensive. And that’s why most people skip this step! If you’re smart you will use website traffic software to help you with this process. This way you get this critical step done fast and done well.

OK, now we can talk about traffic…

Once you’ve done your properly keyword research, you’re now ready to start targeting these keywords to draw in visitors.

Powerful Traffic Tactics:

  • Most people overlook the power of Surveys!
  • “Help” Websites
  • Video Websites


People love filling in surveys. And smart website owners know this, so they will include your survey on their site if you make a good one. And when they put your survey on their site, they will include a link back to your website. Think about that – you get website traffic for free just for making a survey! This is a sneaky little idea that most people never even think of. The only thing you have to do is think of a novel question for your survey.

“Help” Websites

Maybe you’ve seen these help sites where people post questions and other people answer them. But, like the surveys, that’s not why you’re going to pay attention to these sites. What you want to do is use these sites to generate traffic and leads for your business. One thing you can do is to visit sites like Craigslist and Yahoo! Answers and manually extract contact info to contact other users. The good news is that it’s easy to find website traffic software that can do this automatically. Then you just get a daily batch of fresh leads delivered to your inbox.


Another great resource is video sharing sites like YouTube. YouTube is one of the most highly traffic and search websites on the entire internet! If you’re not taking advantage of this rich source of website traffic, then you are really missing out.

You don’t have to be able to make awesome videos for this to work. You can even take a webpage or article that you’ve written. Then just do a screen capture of yourself going through it. You can even get software that will automatically do this for you.

In Closing

Figuring out how to get some visitors to your site is not hard at all. Use your noodle and come up with things other people aren’t doing. And today there are tons of options for software tools that can help with every part of this process.

Get started right away:

  • Step 1 is researching your keywords
  • Next, set up a survey or two with viral appeal
  • Take advantage of the “help” sites
  • Capitalize on video!

You Are Creators for real

Hello Friends Soon to be Family.  I welcome you all and thank you soooo much for your visit and Our journey Into Happiness Health and Wealth.  I Am That I Am.