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Say No To The Drug Pushers.

5-year Pharmaceutical Veteran Confirmed:”I would like to dispell the myth that the pharmaceutical industry is in the business of health and healing, because in fact what the pharmaceutical industry is in the business of doing, is Disease maintenance and symptoms management. they are not in the business to cure cancer, to cure Alzheimer’s, to cure heart disease, because if they were, they would be in the business of putting themselves out of business.and that in fact, that doesn’t make sense, in fact there is no theory behind what I am telling you, it is all provable and what I am saying is provable is that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to cure people!!!!” Gwen Olsen

I know that we have been raised to believe in doctors, hospitals, medicine and much more, even tho there are alternatives.  From the time we are first born, the first thing we see is a doctor, when we are sick we see a doctor and the list goes on.  I admire the sacrifice the doctors make on staying up to date with the FDA, pharmaceutical companies and doing there best, but they are not always going to know everything there is about the human body and certain diseases that can be reversed because they were only taught about medications that may help, or the putting, removing of certain body parts.

I believe there are alternatives and they are healthy.  You were not born with a certain disease.  It was manifested along the way through the wrong way of eating and exposure to toxins in the polluted world.


Not Drinking enough of the Right water can Harm your body forever because it is water that’s the foundation of life.  Water or should i say the right water with Minerals will hydrate and repair, detoxify at the cellular level and rebuild you from the inside out.  Change your diet and you can change your life.

As i research, view, study many cases, watch hours of video by doctors, nutritional doctors, documentaries, IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!!   “There is no known Disease causing organism (bacteria, virus, Plasmodium, fungus, yeast etc) or degenerative disease (Osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, “old age” diseases, etc.) that can continue to reproduce or create degeneration in an alkaline, oxygenized environment.”

The right kind of water will:

  1. Helps support proper digestion.
  2. Helps support healthy weight loss.
  3. Helps support proper pH to combat “acidosis”.
  4. Helps support optimal muscle, joint, and bone health.
  5. Helps support healthy skin and guard against dehydration.
  6. Helps support the body to guard against free radical damage.
  7. Helps support the body to flush out toxins at the cellular level
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Whether you know it or not, there are certain foods you find healthy causing Acidity in your body leading to health problems. The body then takes the good stuff out to protect the other.



Cardiovascular Disease and the Alkaline Diet. I have been saying this all along. Acidity makes the body work harder, steal your nutrients/minerals/vitamins from your body to neutralize acidity. I keep saying Stay alkaline, drink the right water


Aqualyte Coral Minerals & Tap Water

Aqualyte is a product that is slowing down your body’s natural aging process. Aqualyte has other benefits such as enhanced oxygenation, athletic performance, and increased energy levels. Aqualyte will also help to decrease or rid your joints and muscles of inflammation. Simply relieving joint pain will garner a lot of interest from millions of people suffering from this. Aqualyte also helps to strengthen your immune system and promote intestinal health.

Aqualyte – A Few More Benefits
A few more features of Aqualyte include the improvement of your cell membrane health via a detoxification process, restores your vital minerals, assists in elevating your bone mineral density, will destroy chlorine and other chemicals that is typically found in household tap water and will rid your body fat of toxic waste… Which promotes healthy weight loss.

Basically, all of our bodies require ionically induced ocean minerals to nourish our blood cells. Absent these the hydration and mineral combination that our blood cells need, they will altogether fail to thrive. These dehydrated cells will alter their shape and clump together into clots.

While in this sticky mass, your red blood cells are literally craving water, oxygen, and minerals. The Aqualyte uses a unique water method and solution that will assist in the hydration of your blood cells. It then creates an ionic charge.

Aqualyte – An Ionic Boost
This ionic boost then projects the red blood cells into one another and then they expand their own energy into the rest of your blood cells. The tiny magnets, delivering their life energy to the rest of your cells. Many people suffer from heart issues which typically is a result of dehydration. They also suffer from a deficiency of magnesium, which will prevent your heart from beating properly and being in a healthy state. Aqualyte can help promote healthy blood cells.

If someone suffers from severe dehydration and mineral deficiency, they will have an inflamed heart, inconsistent heartbeats and perhaps succumb to instant death. Aqualyte helps you achieve the goal is to be well hydrated with natural water, boosted with natural and important minerals. Aqualyte will promote skin glow, provide energy and give you a healthy beat of your heart. Aqualyte can help you to get and maintain energy.”

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Your Blood Cells Need The Right Water.

“Your Blood Cells Need the “Right” Water

You need “IONICALLY” charged ocean minerals to feed your blood cells . . . without the “right” hydration and mineral ratio your blood cells will stop thriving.
I’m sure by now, you, like me have figured out the “right” water is responsible for more than you first thought.

Your good health is your number one concern, right?
Then don’t allow your body to get acidic, or dehydrated . . . simply don’t allow your red blood cells (RBC) lose their natural “IONIC” charge.

Dehydrated cells change shape and stick together, clumping in large clots. In this clumpy, sticky state your Red Blood Cells (RBC) are starving for water, “ionic” minerals and oxygen.
A well hydrated alkaline pH improves waste elimination and nutritional absorption, two important factors for staying alive and healthy.
Using the “right” water helps to hydrate your Red Blood Cells (RBC) creating an “IONIC “charge. This “IONIC” charge allows them to bounce off each other and repel like tiny magnets, delivering their life energy to the rest of your cells.

The “right” pH is the same as the “right” charge and you can only get that from the “right” water.

FACT: Your heart has a 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than your brain! It needs the right balance of “IONIC” minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, sodium, etc . . .

Most people who suffer from heart problems are just dehydrated and suffer from a magnesium deficiency, which keeps your heart beating and healthy.

Chronic dehydration and mineral deficiency can lead to inflammation of the heart, irregular rhythms and sudden death as well as a whole host of other dis-ease issues.

Being well hydrated with naturally “structured” water, empowered with key minerals, will put a glow on your skin, a bounce in your step and a joyful beat in your chest.”

“Just think of this simple Japanese coral tea bag as the “mother lode” when it comes to mineral rich, alkaline, antioxidant water.

Now here comes the best part!

With the help of the Japanese inventor, I am now able to help bring this “righteous” water directly to you. It’s called AquaLyte®, but it’s not sold in bottles and it’s not sold in stores.”