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You Become What You think about

Hello Friends Even though we are all connected by the same source.  yep you heard that right!  We Are Connected!  and with that said just think for a moment.  We all work with One Power, One Law, One Creator Of Worlds.  I may be writing a bit fast right now lol,  but i am getting as much as i can with thought instead of writing it on peace of paper…  so with that said please bare with my typing lol.

I just wanted to say that many of the things that go on in our lives,  WE HAVE ATTRACTED.  and we attract it by virtue of our Thoughts.  Yes it is the way we think.  Its our past thoughts and feelings which have created our current Reality.  If you dont believe me then do the research and take a look at your life.  Are you happy, sad, mad, glad, suffering, going through things that seem the same thing that happened last time, and it brings the same feeling again.  Well i just wanted to say that yes we create our reality.  We all were conditioned one way or the other and it all started from the inside of your mom, when we were born, as we were growing .  Our habits, beliefs, were all impressed upon our subconcious mind easily without us reasoning and rejecting the idea.  Our friends beliefs, moms beliefs, dad, grandma, neighbors, family , tv, school, etc..  and we grew up with it and it became us.

Now we have the power to change it by reprogramming our beliefs that are impressed in the subconcious.  (i will get into more detail about this if you dont understand).  You have certain beliefs about money, life, business, school, family, friends, success, church, god, kids, friends, clothes, cars…  and most are repelling your success from happening.  You may not know these beliefs but you need to start writing down on one sheet of paper the negative beliefs about money or the belief you have in general about money that was taught and you grew up with when you think about money.  just make a list of all that negative stuff and on another sheet you change those beliefs into positive unlimited beliefs that you truly want and see it in your mind as if it has happened.  this will play with your mind for a bit.  It is through repetition that your mind becomes reprogrammed with the new you and you start to attract people, things, circumstances and events because of the way you think and feel.  I am just like you Still learning.  One great teacher on this great power and law and will help you change your habits, life in general is  Bob Proctor.  Scan this code and see.  Also One way to start your journey would be to go on youtube and watch you were born rich with more the 9 hours of Personal development.  The seminar is over 15 years old but it can still change your life and it was before the secret.



Your Blood Cells Need The Right Water.

“Your Blood Cells Need the “Right” Water

You need “IONICALLY” charged ocean minerals to feed your blood cells . . . without the “right” hydration and mineral ratio your blood cells will stop thriving.
I’m sure by now, you, like me have figured out the “right” water is responsible for more than you first thought.

Your good health is your number one concern, right?
Then don’t allow your body to get acidic, or dehydrated . . . simply don’t allow your red blood cells (RBC) lose their natural “IONIC” charge.

Dehydrated cells change shape and stick together, clumping in large clots. In this clumpy, sticky state your Red Blood Cells (RBC) are starving for water, “ionic” minerals and oxygen.
A well hydrated alkaline pH improves waste elimination and nutritional absorption, two important factors for staying alive and healthy.
Using the “right” water helps to hydrate your Red Blood Cells (RBC) creating an “IONIC “charge. This “IONIC” charge allows them to bounce off each other and repel like tiny magnets, delivering their life energy to the rest of your cells.

The “right” pH is the same as the “right” charge and you can only get that from the “right” water.

FACT: Your heart has a 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than your brain! It needs the right balance of “IONIC” minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, sodium, etc . . .

Most people who suffer from heart problems are just dehydrated and suffer from a magnesium deficiency, which keeps your heart beating and healthy.

Chronic dehydration and mineral deficiency can lead to inflammation of the heart, irregular rhythms and sudden death as well as a whole host of other dis-ease issues.

Being well hydrated with naturally “structured” water, empowered with key minerals, will put a glow on your skin, a bounce in your step and a joyful beat in your chest.”

“Just think of this simple Japanese coral tea bag as the “mother lode” when it comes to mineral rich, alkaline, antioxidant water.

Now here comes the best part!

With the help of the Japanese inventor, I am now able to help bring this “righteous” water directly to you. It’s called AquaLyte®, but it’s not sold in bottles and it’s not sold in stores.”

Benefits Of Drinking The Right Water!

Health Benefits

– Improve Oxygenation

The Product is known as coral, coral calcium, coral sachets, and we give it names or private lables depending on the company.  I Use AQUALYTE.

“One benefit that a person can notice is aqualyte will help improve their oxygenation. When a person gets the increase in this they will notice that they are going to feel better, but they may also have more energy than what they ever experienced before because of the extra oxygen reaching their cells inside of their muscles.

Another benefit that a person can notice is the right  water can help to reduce their pain that they are experiencing. The reason that it can help reduce the pain can vary and the results can change from person to person, but they need to know that it could easily help them have a reduction in the pain that they experience.

Something else that a person should notice is Alkalized Water can help improve the digestive process and help to alleviate some if not all of the heart burn that a person experiences. The reason that Coral Calcium Granules can help with this is it can help to reduce the acidity that is present inside of the stomach and digestive tract in its entirety.

– Battles Acidosis

At times a benefit that can be seen is that aqualyte  will help a person combat any form of acidosis that they may be experiencing. Now many people may not realize this, but if the acid base balance in the body is messed up at all they could have more diseases than what they usually see. However, by taking aqualyte a person can see that it could help them restore this balance and help prevent them from getting any future illness.

Figuring out the benefits of aqualyte can be a good thing. Once a person knows about all the benefits that are presented by having aqualyte versus any other item they could easily see that aqualyte is the best option that they have available to get their health improved to the new heights they want to see. Without using this item a person may figure out that they will need to take a ton of vitamins or other pills that could cost more than this item. Read more about AquaLyte…”

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Why Medications Don’t Work HUH?

I Read a Recent Post/Article That Said the following:


This tells why medications are used even if they do not work. The healthcare industry or medical industry is made up of companies or businesses that want to make money. A third year medical school student, Alexis, says that a medical doctor makes an average of $500,000 a year. Business Insider says:

The average primary care doctor made $195,000; the average specialist made $284,000. But those averages hide quite a bit of variability based on different factors.

Alexis was talking about medical doctors in a hospital. Also her father is a medical doctor and convinced her to become one based on the money you can make. She usually gets 100 in her medical exams. People get confused about this industry. The purpose of it is to make money. Healthy people are bad for this business and sick people are good for this business. Alternet says:

We don’t trust or like Big Pharma, which we suspect puts profits before all else. Big Pharma haters would even accuse them of preferring to treat disease rather than cure it, and get us addicted to the treatments. After all, where’s the money once a disease is cured?

Shouldn’t a business put profits before everything else. Medications can be patented and marked up thousands of times unlike herbs that have been used for thousand of years. One medical doctor, Joel Fuhrman, was on the Dr. Oz TV show and said that medications do not work. He treats people with fasting and a change of diet. See MD Explains Why Medications Do Not Really Work.

The purpose of this article that was written November 27, 2016 is to tell why medications do not work. If you take a drug for high blood pressure and it raises blood pressure then that is no good. But if that medication is for something else then it is okay if it raises blood pressure. Then you can take another drug to treat high blood pressure.

If you read up on that medication you find that the side effects outnumber the benefits. So medications are good for a certain problem but then weaken the other systems of the body so they are bad for health. All the systems are interrelated so whenever you hurt one, you hurt them all. Of course the goal of any business is to make more money.

I have lots of articles on herbs and you see that each one has many benefits besides all the nutrition each one has which is necessary for good health. See 13 Best Herbs for Health and Healing. On the other, it is said that 40% of medications used are to treat the side effects of other medications. It is best to use herbal foods like blueberries that are the best food for anti-aging or cherries that reduce pain and inflammation better than aspirin or pomegranates that clean out plaque from inside of arteries.

I have not had a cold, flu or headache in the last 15 years. I have an article about strengthening the immune system so you do not get the flu. This also prevents other things like cancer that are related to the immune system. See How to Avoid the Flu and Colds.


The body sets up a counter effect whenever you put an effect on it from the outside. Homeostasis is defined as the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes. An example of this is exercise. This raises blood pressure, heart rate and other stresses on the human body. The long term effect of this is the opposite effect.

For more on the above, see What Your Resting Heart Rate Can Teach You. Here is another example. Air Force jets could make turns so fast that the pilots would pass out. So they hired a medical doctor to do something about this problem. So the doctor developed a way to squeeze the throttle of the jet so it would increase blood pressure and the pilots would not pass out.

So it worked but it had a side effect. It lowered the blood pressure of people that had high blood pressure. This shows why exercise has such a good effect on the body. If one is 150 pounds overweight and has a bad diet, to lose that excess weight and adopt a good diet, they may lower one’s high blood pressure. Say another person is very overweight and has a bad diet and takes a medication and it lowers his blood pressure to normal. Do you think that the person will be as healthy as the first person? Everyone needs a good diet and exercise no matter who they are.

This also explains why it is not good to take drugs to reduce anxiety or reduce pain like with alcohol or marijuana. The body creates a long term effect that is the opposite to the short term effect of the drug. In fact Buddha says that people learn from mistakes because of the pain that it causes. But with drugs that reduce pain, the person does not learn and a person can keep repeating the mistake over and over again. That is why doing that is the worse thing that you can do to yourself according to Buddha.  I Believe I will Stick to the Natural Products That may Help with No Side effects.

Why Raising Your PH Level Can Say Goodbye Disease.

Ever heard the Term Used Give your body what it needs so it can do what it was designed to do?  Well I believe in this Faithfully.  I have seen & Heard of People Create Miracles In their lives through giving the body Nutrients, Minerals & the right products that Raise Ph Levels by Giving the body nutrients, minerals, and Oxygen at the Cellular Level while repairing and getting rid of free cell radicals.  If you want a start at your new self I would suggest Coral a.k.a Aqualyte & Ionyte.  This will start to Reverse many things including aging.  There is a Ton of info out there on the net with different titles, names, but it’s the same product.No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.